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Safer Coastlines can help to develop your coastal community Outreach and Education Preparedness Plan that will end with a Community Wide Tsunami Evacuation Drill. Our Education and Outreach Specialist Mikel Chavez has worked for the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Community Outreach and Tsunami Outreach Oregon on a project in Coos County Oregon that successfully educated thousands on what to do before and after an earthquake and tsunami. Residents and school children took part in a massive coastal wide evacuation drill that was developed in partnership with local fire, police, school, transportation and cities. As well as several state level agencies.

Associated Press Article: Thousands take part in Tsunami Drill in US Town

Volunteers from Safer Coastlines have been trained in Coos County Oregon and and took part in a massive community education and outreach plan in July 2012 to bring comprehensive information concerning earthquakes and tsunamis to residents, business leaders, church leaders and governments.

Safer Coastlines is a grassroots organization developed by Mikel Chavez that is made up of  local citizens investing in their own safety by learning what to do in an earthquake and tsunami.

If you would like to have our volunteers conduct an audio visual education session in your school, church, business, government or service organization, call Mikel Chavez at (262) 297-9651.

If you have further questions or if you would like to volunteer, please contact us.